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External Courses and Training

Basketball Level 1 Coaching Course

With Basketball England (Coaching Award)

This is the basic level of coaching qualification, which outlines knowledge of basketball, and enables the holder to introduce basketball to individuals, groups and people with particular needs; and to assist a Level 2 coach (or above).

Sunday 26th Nov and Sunday 3rd Dec, 10am-5pm both days, £80

This course runs over 2 days - candidates must attend both days in order to complete the qualification.


FA Basic Referees Course

With Hampshire FA (Officiating)

This course is for those aged 14 years and over, who wish to be qualified as an 11-a-side football official.

This course is delivered over 4 sessions and an evaluation session, it will cover the following 6 units: Introductory Session, Practical Training, Fouls & Misconducts, Practial Referee Training & Evaluation, Experience & Mentoring, FA Assessment & Call-back. ALL SESSIONS MUST BE ATTENDED IN ORDER TO COMPLETE THE QUALIFICATION:
1. Sunday 29th Oct, 10am-4pm
2. Sunday 5th Nov, 10am-4pm
3. Sunday 12th Nov, 10am-4pm
4. Tuesday 14th Nov, 6.30-7.30pm
5. Tues 6th Feb, 6.30-7.30pm

Cost - £110


FA Mini Soccer Referee Course

With Hampshire FA (Officiating)

This course is for those aged 14 years and over, who wish to be qualified to officiate mini soccer (5v5 & 7v7 at U10 and below age groups).

Sun 11th Feb and Sun 18th Feb, 10am-4pm both days, £60

This course is ideal for those wishing to start their officiating career with youth football, becoming qualified to referee at U10 and below. This course also includes a Safeguarding & Criminal Records Check for candidates.


FA Primary Teachers Award

With Hampshire FA (Workshop)

The course is designed to develop learners' confidence in delivering high quality PE by providing a basic introduction to the skills required to plan and deliver a KS1 or KS2 Physical Education lesson involving football or other invasion games.

Fri 2nd Feb and Fri 9th Feb, 2-5pm both days, THIS WORKSHOP IS FREE for UOP students!!!!!!!!

The FA Primary Teachers’ Award is a free qualification for any practicing or aspiring primary school teachers, HLTAs or sports students considering primary school teaching. The course is designed to develop learners' confidence in delivering high quality PE by providing a basic introduction to the skills required to plan and deliver a KS1 or KS2 Physical Education lesson involving football or other invasion games.
It covers movement skills, different types of practices/ games linked to the national curriculum and how teachers might run a school team. Within these activities, the tutors show how differentiation and assessment for learning can be embedded.
Throughout the course we will also share the England DNA including the FA’s coaching and playing philosophy and how outcomes from the FA’s Youth Development Review might affect teacher delivery.
On completion of this 6 hour course candidates will receive a resource booklet and an FA certificate.


A Guide to Mentoring Sports Coaches (UK Coaching)

With UK Coaching (Workshop)

Mentoring is a powerful tool in the education and development of sports coaches at all levels. If you're interested in developing your skills in the area of mentoring other coaches, then this workshop is for you.

Tues 6th Feb, 6-9pm £35

This 3 hour workshop will teach you:
- all the tools you need to develop your profile to the next level
- how to design a mentoring programme that will support your coaches’ learning
- to increase the effectiveness of your mentoring relationship


Behaviour Change Tactics

With UK Coaching (Workshop)

This learning package will equip your exercise leaders or coaches with useful strategies and innovative techniques to help people get active and stay active.

7th Feb, 6.30-8.30pm, £35

What You Will Learn:
-How to use EAST (Easy, Attractive, Social, Timely) as a simple framework for achieving behaviour change.
-Master simple strategies that can influence behaviour and ensure participants keep coming back to sessions and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
-Identify the individual needs, motivations and goals of participants, and how to tailor content to suit them.


Coaching Children

With UK Coaching (Workshop)

This newly-evolved workshop incorporates the latest research on essential topics that are intrinsic in the coaching of children between the ages of 5 and 12. This is an exciting chance for you to reconsider the emphasis of your coaching and enhance the experience of your young participants. The new chapters will be delivered in a practical way to provide you with all the innovative techniques and cutting-edge information you need to become a more effective coach.

23rd January, 2-5pm, £35

You Will:
- learn a mix of traditional and contemporary models of coaching based on the development of participants’ technical, tactical, physical, mental and social competencies.
- take a detailed look at the holistic ‘C’ system of coaching to equip you with new tools to improve your soft and personal skills.
- be introduced to the principles of Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU), cognitive considerations for coaching 5-12 year olds and understanding the importance of child physiology.
- learn fun and innovative practical techniques for keeping children engaged to blend with the pioneering academic theory


How to Deliver Engaging Sessions

With UK Coaching (Workshop)

Ultimately, how people feel about your first few coaching sessions will ensure they keep coming back again and again to enjoy their sport. This workshop will develop your coaching skills, equipping you with the essential knowledge to ensure new participants do just that.

22nd Oct, 3-6pm, £35

During this 3-hour practical workshop, you will:
- learn about new participants’ needs, including how to build their self-confidence
- increase your knowledge about how best to meet the needs of different participant groups, helping you to recruit and retain new participants to your sessions
- find out about the ‘C’* system of coaching and learn how to include them in your coaching through the use of practical examples
- be able to use relevant adapted planning material for both longer-term and session planning.


Safeguarding & Protecting Children

With UK Coaching (Workshop)

This workshop will raise your awareness of the telltale signs of abuse, and give you the tools and confidence you need to deal with any issues sensitively, appropriately and effectively should the need ever arise in your coaching career.

We have 3 workshops running:
- Mon 16th Oct, 6-9pm, £35
- Mon 4th Dec, 6-9pm, £35
- Mon 5th Feb, 6-9pm, £35

This 3 hour workshop will enable you to:
- identify and recognise good coaching practice and the implications for your coaching
- explore your values and feelings in relation to child abuse, and recognise their potential impact on your response
- recognise and respond to possible signs of child abuse
- take appropriate action if concerns about a child arise


Strength and Conditioning Workshop

With UOP (Workshop)

This non-accredited workshop is designed to help you enhance performance through strength and conditioning.

18th March, 10am-2pm, £40

This workshop will enable you to enhance athlete's performances through strength and conditioning coaching. These strategies can be implemented in a variety of different sports and will give you ideas to improve individual athlete's sports performance. This workshop will also focus on strength and conditioning session planning. *Please note this course is for University of Portsmouth students only*